Kids Classes

Master Class

for Kids 

Does your child have a desire to learn a certain type of medium? 

Each month we will take students on a deep-dive into a certain material: sewing, clay and fused glass. 

Get tactile with clay class and feel this Earthy medium squeeze and move in your hands. Instructor Rose, will guide students through sculpture building, rolling out plates and molding bowls and mugs. 

If you’re ever wanted to design your own clothes or re-create the clothes you have, then sewing class is for you! Instructor, Jessica will teach you all the parts of a sewing machine, how to make pockets, sew zippers and more! 



Master Classes are 4 weeks long

Clay Handbuilding Class:
Mondays • 4-6pm

Sewing Class:
Thursdays • 3:30-6:30