NEW Fused Glass 10″ Round Bowl or Plate Kit To-Go


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Fused glass is fun and easy! It’s like collage but with glass, on to glass. Start with a clear, 6″ square base. Then simply glue on glass pieces on to your glass square base in any design you choose! We provide the glassgel, a non-toxic, aloe-vera based goo that will stick your glass design pieces to your square, clear base. If you wish, you can even draw on a design with a sharpie pen and then fill in with all the glass pieces to make your master piece. (sharpie pen will burn away in the kiln)

This kit comes with:
10″ clear, round base
1oz of GlassGel Glue
1 Cotton Swab to act as a tool to place the glue on to your design pieces
1oz of rainbow, small pieces
Some glass decorative pebbles, and stringer pieces for decoration
1 Fused Glass kiln slip to fill out with your info so we can return it to you when it’s fired
Both firings to create into a round plate or bowl (bowl has a ‘ball surface’ bottom so it doesn’t sit flat)



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