Fused Glass 8″Round Plate OR Votive Kit To-Go


Create a plate you can eat off of OR a candle votive with a flutted edge!
Mother’s Day Special! From Mon. May 4- Sat. May 9
Add a Molehill Mountain Candle for a sale price of $12 (regularly $16)

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 Fused glass is fun and easy! It’s like collage but with glass, on to glass. Start with a clear, 8″ round base. Then simply glue on glass pieces on to your glass square base in any design you choose! We provide the glassgel, a non-toxic, aloe-vera based goo that will stick your glass design pieces to your square, clear base. If you wish, you can even draw on a design with a sharpie pen and then fill in with all the glass pieces to make your master piece. (sharpie pen will burn away in the kiln). For this project you can request it be slumped (fused glass technical term for shaping) into a plate OR we can drape it over a form to create a votive for you!

This kit comes with:
8″ clear, round base
1oz of GlassGel Glue
1 Cotton Swab to act as a tool to place the glue on to your design pieces
1oz of rainbow, small pieces of glass to decorate your 6″ square
Some glass decorative pebbles, and stringer pieces for decoration
1 Fused Glass kiln slip to fill out with your info so we can return it to you when it’s fired
Both firings to create into a plate OR votive
1 tealight candle



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