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Open for walk-ins  🎨  no reservations required
Join us for Spring Camp 🐣 3/18-3/12
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Camp ⛺️ !

SHORTER HOURS starting 2/12:
From 2/12-3/4 Mon-Thur we will be opening at 2pm-6pm 

Drop your responsibilities at our front door and step into our calm, creative environment to go on a creative journey! You pick the piece of ceramic you wish to paint, choose your colors and we will guide you along the way!

You’ll gain special time with your children/grandchildren before they grow older and think painting is ‘not cool’ anymore! You can choose to have family fun time OR alone, creative ‘self-care’ time and it’s cheaper than a therapist!

Our prices for pottery painting and wood art are all inclusive. This includes any applicable studio fees, materials, paint, glazing and firings. The average price for pottery painting is about $30. 


2nd place in:

Summer Camps!

Birthday Parties!

Pottery Glazes

Not feeling like an artist? Not feeling creative? Well, then Pottery Glazes are perfect for you! We provide recipes for you to create with or you can make your own combination of magical colors! Follow our recipes or mix and match for your own combo! You can’t get these wrong! Theses glazes have a beautiful two-toned look and move in the kiln which gives the appearance of multiple colors when fired. We provide recipes for you to create with or you can make your own combination of magical colors!

Pottery Painting

Pottery painting is relaxing and fun. Choosing what to paint is the most difficult part. We have new items every month to add to our large selection. Once you choose a piece, our friendly staff will help you with our glazes and design tools. Your painted piece will then be clear glazed and fired to a glossy ceramic art piece.

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