Meet Our Staff

Jennifer Balletto

  Meet Jen Balletto, the owner of Create It! She aims to make sure her customers feel welcome and have a fun experience in her studio.

 She puts all of her heart into creating a warm, friendly environment for kids of all ages to feel safe to develop artistic skills. Ironically, Jen only has half a heart as she was born with a Congenital Heart Condition. Growing up with less oxygen and energy then other children, Jen found arts and crafts to be something she could succeed in without competition or putting her health at risk.

 Through three open-heart surgeries, art became a positive focus to put her energy into healing. Jen learned at a young age not everyone in school has to be an athlete to be accepted. We are all born with our unique talents which makes us special.

 Jen hopes all those children out there who feel they are not an athlete, can be a super hero being an artist!      


I have always been in the arts letting my creative passion flow, dabbling in all sort of mediums and consider myself a renaissance lady.

The last five years I have been creating a community group that involves dressing as inspirational characters who spread Hope, Love and Magic through our community. When not spreading magic or creating magic through my costuming work, I also work with adults with disabilities to help immerse them in our community through the power of art.

Next to helping others and creating art I absolutely love to inspire and motivate our next generation through determination and a bright smile.


I’m DeBi Tucker, proud mom of two.  I paint all the pottery samples for the studio.

When I’m not creating amazing food or painting samples, I’m  working on my own art. My creativity is in constant motion.


Hi, I’m Maggie!

I am currently a senior in high school and plan to pursue a degree in Anthropology after I graduate. I have grown up surrounded by art and love to paint, draw, play music, and especially take photos of nature. I also love to travel across the states and visit  any and all National Parks I can along the way. When you stop by the shop don’t be afraid to say hi and get creative!


Hey, I’m Athina! I love to sing, listen to music, and draw. I’m currently a junior in high school, and have yet to decide what career path to take, but I imagine it will involve art. If you’re ever in the store, feel free to ask me for creative tips!


Meet Zoe, our shop dog. Often times you’ll find Zoe in one of our soft blue chairs in the front of our studio.

Zoe is going on 18 this November 2024, just one year younger than the 19 years, owner Jen has owned the studio. One could say Zoe has been ‘working’ at the studio her whole life as our fuzzy greeter!